Thank you for your interest in The Train Station Preschool!

We encourage new families to read through our parent handbook which gives an overview of our program. Likewise, review the particulars in the Child Placement Contract, which will need to be signed once your child is enrolled in a classroom.

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We urge you to visit the school to observe our classes in session. Plan to bring your child with you when you visit.

We are open to visitors Monday-Friday by appointment.


A non-refundable enrollment fee of $50.00 will be due within 5 business days of your application being processed. A payment link will be sent to the emails on the application from our ParentPortal.

Fee Schedule

You’ll find a clear breakdown of fees that covers the diverse range of activities, materials, and educational resources that contribute to your child’s holistic learning experience.

Once classroom placement is made, the remaining forms will be required.